Ballasalla 2023

We are grateful to Malew Parish Commissioners for supporting this project, and to all the businesses who gave up a little of their working day on the afternoon of 13th April 2023.

With no prior warning to the people involved, we captured a real slice of working life in the old centre of Ballasalla. We photographed around 20 places and 20 people who bravely stood in front of the camera either outside their premises or in their work context.

Click on the images below to see details and more images for each organisation.


Malew Parish Commissioners

Shops, businesses and organisations in Ballasalla

Malew Parish Commissioners2023-04-16T11:29:52+01:00
Ballasalla Stores (Ye Olde Bakery)2023-04-16T11:40:18+01:00
Ballasalla Stores - Marianne Smith
Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant2023-04-16T11:42:09+01:00
Four Seasons

Currently vacant or temporarily closed premises