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Peel & Laxey – ten years on

Following on from Peel 2011: Ten years on, we’re delighted to announce we have the go-ahead to give the “ten years on” treatment to the village of Laxey in 2022.

Once again we are grateful to Culture Vannin and Garff Commissioners who will be financing the project as they did ten years ago under their former organisations of Manx Heritage Foundation and Laxey Commissioners. We celebrate their foresight in contributing to the recording of social and economic change in local commercial activity, which will be appreciated for generations to come.

There were over 60 businesses photographed 10 years ago and we are looking forward to seeing the changes, and also photographing some of the same people as last time.

Launderette & Lily Retreat Beauty Room


Peel 2011 – ten years on

Peel was the first town on the Island to be revisited to examine changes over the last decade.

We are grateful to Culture Vannin and Peel Town Commissioners for financing the project, along with two further sponsors from the local Peel community: Peel Heritage Trust and Corlett Bolton & Co.

We visited and photographed 153 Peel businesses and organisations with a shop front during the week beginning 25 October 2021. 44 of them are new to Peel since 2011. Photographs are displayed on this website alongside their 2011 counterparts.

The Peel results and the full portfolio with ten year comparisons can be found in the main menu. Select an area of town from the menu, or find a specific business using the search box at the top of the page.

New Businesses…


More than 1/4 of photographed businesses are new in the last ten years

There’s a common misconception that nothing changes in Peel… Ever! But of all the businesses we photographed more than a quarter were new, and if we discount the civic organisations like police, Commissioners, swimming pool etc which are not likely to change, then the percentage is even higher.

There is a clear shift towards the service sector. Of the 44 new businesses, many were in the health & leisure sector. There are two new bicycle repair shops, two gyms and a Pilates space and four new beauty salons. Three art gallery/studio/workshops and two tattoo artists. There are many new restaurants/cafes and a micro pub makes its first presence on the high street. Read more about about my experience of photographing Peel and discovery of some green shoots of change.

Tate’s Traditional Butchers2021-12-17T13:45:05+00:00
Tate's Traditional Butchers
PropertyWise Estate Agents2021-12-11T17:44:06+00:00
Manx Whale & Dolphin Watch2021-12-17T09:32:29+00:00
Manx Whale and Dolphin Watch
Forthcoming: Tyred & Cranky2022-01-11T12:46:22+00:00
Former Top to Toe
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