Ten years on…

“Ten years on” photography for Peel, Laxey and Port Erin is now available on this website.

We are grateful especially to Culture Vannin who contributed to all the projects both initially and ten years on. In addition:

for Peel we had support from Peel Commissioners, Peel Heritage Trust, and Corlett Bolton & Co;

for Laxey/Garff we had support from Garff Commissioners;

for Port Erin we had the support of Port Erin Commissioners and Port Erin Traders/Visit Port Erin.

We celebrate the foresight of all these groups in contributing to the recording of social and economic change in our local communities, which will be appreciated for generations to come.

There are over 130 businesses in Peel, 60 were photographed in Laxey and over 80 in Port Erin and we are delighted to reveal the changes over the last decade.

Launderette & Lily Retreat Beauty Room


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