Peel, Laxey & Port Erin
Ten years on…

Following on from Peel 2011: Ten years on, we photographed Laxey and Port Erin in 2012 and all the images are now available on this website.

Once again we are grateful to Culture Vannin and Garff Commissioners who financed the Laxey project as they did ten years ago under their former organisations of Manx Heritage Foundation and Laxey Commissioners. For Port Erin, in addition to Culture Vannin, we have the support of Port Erin Commissioners and Port Erin Traders/Visit Port Erin. We celebrate their foresight in contributing to the recording of social and economic change in local commercial activity, which will be appreciated for generations to come.

There are over 60 businesses photographed in Laxey and over 80 in Port Erin and we are delighted to now reveal the changes over the last decade. We photographed many of the same people as last time, including a lady working in a charity shop who was aged 86 first time around!

Launderette & Lily Retreat Beauty Room


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