Ballasalla is the latest addition to and we hope marks just the beginning of a new phase following on from the completion of the “ten years on” projects for Peel, Laxey, Port Erin and Port St Mary.

Ballasalla itself has a small centre of shops and amenities clustered around two major road junctions between the south and centre of the Island. Ballasalla and Malew Parish also have a much larger number of businesses outside the village centre, largely in industrial estates, which may be added to the project in the future.

We are grateful to Malew Parish Commissioners for supporting this project, and to all the businesses who gave up a little of their working day and bravely stood in front of the camera either outside their premises or in their work context. None of them knew in advance that the project was taking place, and what you see in the photos is an accurate reflection of real working life in Ballasalla on a single day on on 13th April 2023.

Any errors or omissions in the data recorded for the businesses can be reported using this form.