New Businesses…

There’s a common misconception that nothing changes in Peel… Ever! But of all the businesses we photographed more than a quarter were new, and if we discount the civic organisations like police, Commissioners, swimming pool etc which are not likely to change, then the percentage is even higher.

Of the new business, several were in the health & beauty sector…

Martha’s Kitchen at the Quarterdeck2022-12-02T10:25:43+00:00
Martha's Kitchen, Shore Road
La Gusto Pizza and Byron’s2022-12-02T10:14:35+00:00
La Gusto Pizza, Lower Promenade, Port Erin
TS Keggen & Son Funeral Directors2022-12-01T16:28:30+00:00
TS Keggen & Son Funeral Directors, Orchard Road
Simple Chargrill and Pizza2022-12-01T15:43:33+00:00
Simple Chargrill and Pizza
Noa Bakehouse and Foraging Vintners2022-11-29T16:43:45+00:00
Foraging Vintners & Noa Bakehouse at Cosy Nook

New Location…

No less than 10 businesses had moved premises in the ten year gap, mostly in and around Michael Street.

Same Portraits…

In most cases I photographed different people to represent the businesses to those in 2011. But for 10% of all organisations I had the privilege to photograph the same people. Special thanks go to those brave people who agreed to be photographed for a second time. In terms of businesses that were unchanged over the ten years, the percentage was …

New owner…

There was a significant number of businesses that had the same name or sold the same goods and services, but were under new ownership since 2011. These include EVF in place of Total, and a re-juvenated Kiosk cafe on the Promenade, which, with the help of a covered area, now stays open longer and in (not quite) all weathers!

Same businesses

For the majority of businesses and organisations, it was the same business in the same location, with the same or similar business activity over the ten year period. Some have been in situ a very long time, Moore’s Kipper Yard and the Ward Library being notable examples.

Vacant premises

We can’t have new businesses without losing old ones, except without expansion. The overall number of businesses is very similar in 2021 and 2011. Many of the businesses that have closed now have new activity in place, but others have left behind vacant premises for the moment. Isle of Man Bank is a big loss in amenities and employment in the town and its prominent building on Athol Place is vacant and sad looking. Lloyds Bank has left now too (though not photographed as it has been replaced by residential dwellings). Although more hidden away from view, the loss of the Corrin Home is also widely felt in the town, having been an important feature in the lives of many over the last decades. In other cases business activity has been replaced rather than lost, like in the case of the loss of an independent butcher’s for a new one on Michael Street.

The photos below are only the premises remaining vacant at the time of the survey.

Former Shoprite – Living2022-12-01T16:30:52+00:00
Former Shoprite - Living
Former Little Shoprite/Iceland2022-11-29T14:22:59+00:00
Little Shoprite, Church ROad
Vacant premises – former Bet-a-Bet2022-11-29T12:09:42+00:00
Former Bet a Bet Racing 12 Church Road Port Erin IM9 6AQ
Vacant – Now residential2023-01-30T12:37:24+00:00
Vacant shop New Road, Laxey IM4
Former Craigmooar Tea Rooms2022-10-13T08:24:12+01:00
Craigmooar Tea Rooms Tent Road, Laxey IM4 7DB