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  • Clerk of Port Erin Commissioners, 2012

Port Erin 2012: Ten years on

Great news that Port Erin have joined the project and will be photographed again this summer and will become the third place with a longitudinal element to the photography.

Funding has

  • Biomann Ltd Fairy cottage filling station, New Road, Laxey IM4 7HR

Laxey 2012: Ten years on

We’re delighted to announce that Laxey will be the second place on the Isle of Man to receive the “ten years on” treatment in our photography project.

Funding has been approved

  • Black Dog Pizza Oven

Feedback on Peel 2011: Ten years on

This project is a really big undertaking for a one-man band such as myself. Even though I know the project is very worthwhile, when one is in the middle of

  • Hop Tu Naa window display

Hop-tu-naa in Peel

The atmosphere around Peel at the end of October 2011 was very upbeat. Many shop windows had been decorated ready for Hop Tu Naa at the end of the week

  • Peel Commissioners' Firework display and preparations

Fireworks in Peel

Peel Commissioners’ Firework display and preparations, which took place on the Friday evening at the end of my week in Peel, October (yes October!) 2021. The event is held before

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