IoMToday:More than 300 businesses captured in photographs in ‘10 years on’ project

Culture Vannin on Facebook:

“Laxey, 10 years on…
A wonderful photography project has unveiled for Laxey and Garff, where every shop or business in the sheading has had their photograph taken in July 2022, following on from the same process in 2012.
The changes – in the people, the places and the community – is fascinating!
This wonderful project is by Chris Littler Webdesign and we are very pleased to have supported it through one of our grants.
Documenting and celebrating community and the changing face of the Island in this sort of innovative and creative way is something we’re enormously pleased to support.
As Chris says on the website, this is a celebratory “recording of social and economic change in local commercial activity, which will be appreciated for generations to come.” Yindyssagh!
All images & a wealth of information here:
More about Culture Vannin grants is here:
Port Erin Commissioners on Facebook:
“Port Erin Commissioners is proud to have continued its support for this project documenting Port Erin a decade on from its first recording in 2012.
With 26 new businesses recorded as well as the 65 businesses still trading in the same location, the project is a testament to the fantastic business owners, Port Erin residents and visitors who continue to support local.
You can see more about the Port Erin project via the link below.