People we captured twice – ten years apart

One of the most fun parts of this work is meeting the same people, often in the same work, ten years on from the original project. This page shows all these lucky/brave people from Peel, Laxey, Port Erin and Port St Mary who I encountered twice. There are over 50 of them. One was a babe in arms in the first survey and another aged 94 in the second!

Click on the photos to see the comparisons.

Tiddleywinks Nursery School2023-04-25T14:41:04+01:00
Tiddleywinks Nursery School
Port St Mary Commissioners (outdoor staff)2023-04-21T13:54:43+01:00
Port St Mary Commissioners - Martin Booth, Mike Kinvig
Port St Mary Commissioners (office staff)2023-04-21T11:48:16+01:00
Port St Mary Commissioners - Darleen Greenwood, Hayley Kinvig, Paula Smith
PSM Sports Injury and Rehabilitation Clinic2023-04-19T16:37:00+01:00
PSM Sports Injury and Rehabilitation Clinic-3
Andrea’s, formerly Bel Cibo2023-04-19T14:51:50+01:00
Studio 42 Picture Framing and Gallery2023-04-19T11:02:32+01:00
Studio 42 Eban Carswell
Peel Town Commissioners – Town Hall2023-02-03T11:14:47+00:00
Peel Town Commissioners
Beauty Room & Coco Tanning2022-11-29T12:16:21+00:00
Beauty Room & Coco Tanning 14 Church Road Port Erin IM9 6AQ
Blackford and Co (Manx Cover)2022-11-25T20:08:26+00:00
Blackford and Co (Manx Cover) 19 Station Road, Port Erin IM9 6AE
Laxey Woollen Mills & Hodgson Loom Gallery2022-10-13T16:25:13+01:00
Laxey Woollen Mills Glen Road, Laxey IM4 7AR
Annabela’s Alteration Studio2021-12-11T17:45:05+00:00