Documenting places and people over time…

This project is unique in the Isle of Man, and perhaps the world, in creating systematic and comprehensive photographic records of businesses and the people who work in them in whole towns and villages, and preserving them carefully for future generations to enjoy.

We have now also added a longitudinal dimension to the project and “Ten years on” photographic comparisons are now available for Peel, Laxey, Port Erin and Port St Mary.

And Ballasalla has joined the project in 2023 for its first survey.

We are grateful especially to Culture Vannin who contributed to all the “ten years on” projects. In addition, for individual projects, we had support from:

Peel Commissioners, Peel Heritage Trust, Corlett Bolton & Co; Garff Commissioners; Port Erin Commissioners, Visit Port Erin, Port St Mary CommissionersManx Ocean, and Malew Parish Commissioners.

We celebrate the foresight of all these groups in contributing to the recording of social and economic change in our local communities, which will be appreciated for generations to come.

Peel ten years on
Laxey ten years on
Port Erin ten years on
Port St Mary ten years on
Ballasalla 2023


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My article for Isle of Man Biosphere

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Feedback on Peel 2011: Ten years on

This project is a really big undertaking for a one-man band such as myself. Even though I know the project is very worthwhile, when one is in the middle of processing hundreds of images and

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About Peel 2011: Ten years on

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