This project is a really big undertaking for a one-man band such as myself. Even though I know the project is very worthwhile, when one is in the middle of processing hundreds of images and adding them to the website, a few doubts can creep in and it’s hard to wee the wood for the trees. So, after publication, I look forward to some feedback from some of the people involved (and this project touches lots of people whilst in the making). There are the project sponsors, there are the business owners, and staff who pose for their photograph, and then there are all the people in the local community who all get to see their town in a new light, and to remember or notice how things have changed.

Here then, are a few of the comments I received after the completion of Peel 2011: Ten years on.

Jo Overty: IoM Biosphere “Congratulations on your great project. I love it and am slowly making my way through the shops.”

James Franklin, Culture Vannin “As a Peel person myself, it is obvious to me that the pictures are not so much of place, but of people, or, if it’s not too much to say, the soul of the place. – A marvellous project!”

Breesha Maddrell, Director, Culture Vannin “Congratulations, Chris, this is a remarkable achievement!”

Jamys Quilliam, Corlett and Bolton “It looks great to me. I think the “swipe” feature changing the photo from 2011 to 2021 is really effective”

A Facebook comment “This is fascinating – and it’s particularly interesting that it’s Peel where, as we all (think) we know, nothing ever changes.”

A FB comment: “You forget how much places change! A very interesting and worthwhile project”

Kate Lord-Brennan, MHK “Brilliant idea”.

Peel residents and workers:

“As a Peel resident I have personally really enjoyed looking through the photos and seeing how many faces have changed in the past decade!”

“thank you for sharing what we all take for granted as we wander round our little town: it’s good to be reminded how things change and develop. Keep up the great work!”

“What a fantastic photographic display on your website – really enjoyed looking through them and the way Peel has changed over a decade. It would make a fantastic book”

“I’ve just had a look at your fantastic web page and I’d love to be involved with it if possible”.