Kallow Point Road, Port St Mary IM9 5EJ

The Pavilion Café and Restaurant & Golf Club Kallow Point Road, Port St Mary IM9 5EJPavilion (closed) and Golf Club

Claire Cox


Sales: Independent Cafe/ Restaurant, building leased from PSM Commissioners. Predominantly daytime service, Private parties and functions at other times Sells green fees etc for PSM Golf Club on a commission basis. Caters for certain club events as a good will gesture, is not part of the golf club structure.
Previously based elsewhere: no
Total staff: 10
Full-time: 3
Part-time: 7
Job roles: Actual number employed depends on time of year and functions etc. Two chefs, minimum of two front of house most on part time basis. Owner50/50 front of house and admin.
No. staff live in Port St Mary: 6
No. staff live outside Port St Mary: 4
Previous use of premises: Golf Pavilion Ltd Restaurant